Best and Worst Candy For Your Teeth

With Halloween in just a couple of weeks and fall in almost full swing, many of us are getting ready for our church's Trunk or Treats, county fairs, and other events. This time of year, Americans consume an enormous amount of candy, and the overall health of our teeth suffers because of it. While it's no secret that candy is not the best food for your dental health, most people don't know that there are actually worse candies than others. 

We've got our top 5 favorite candy ranked from best to worst for your dental health: 

1. Chocolate 

A lot of people are surprised by this, but chocolate is actually the best candy for your teeth. Even though chocolate candy tends to be filled with sugar, it is easy to wash off of your teeth. Because of chocolate's low melting temperature mixed with how soft it is, your teeth don't hang onto it for very long. Plus, dark chocolate has significantly less sugar than milk chocolate, making it an even better choice. 

2. Twislers

These aren't your typical Halloween candy, but many people do grab these for movie nights. They've also recently come out with the individually wrapped mini Twislers, so you may see more of these pop up in your child's assorted candy mixes this year. These licorice-inspired sweets can lean on the acidic side, but they are pretty easy to clean from your teeth. If you aren't a chocolate fan, this will be your next best bet. 

3. Gummy Bears and Sour Gummy Worms

Gummy candies are where you start to get into some trouble. While some brands are sugar free, this type of candy can really stick to your teeth, especially with braces. Sour gummy candies also have a much higher acidity level, They aren't the absolute worst for your teeth, but try to consume a minimal amount of this candy this fall. 

4. Kettle Corn 

Some people may not consider this candy, but we certainly do! It's a fall staple (and so delicious). While it's definitely one of the most tasty fall traditions during county fairs, we have to warn you about it's effects on your teeth. Not only is it full of sugar, it's also sticky. Add in the fact that popcorn kernels love to get lodged between your teeth and cause all sorts of problems, and this fall favorite gets a pretty low rating for teeth-healthy candy. 

5. Laffy Taffy 

Sugar, high acidity levels, and stickiness all make this candy an absolute no-no. If you have braces, you're explicitly told not to eat any kind of taffy. While you're not in danger of tearing off a bracket if you don't have braces, you still should stay away from it as much as possible. Think of it this way: if it's strong enough to tear metal off of your teeth, it's strong enough to do other types of damage, too. 


The best way to ensure you're dental health is in top shape throughout this fall and winter is by scheduling your bi-annual cleaning with your family dentist! They can make sure to get any buildup off of your teeth while keeping an eye on any potential cavities.