Did you know that we carry clear aligners to give you a straighter smile faster than metal braces? ClearCorrect aligners will straighten your teeth while you still show off your smile, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

“I’ve been doing orthodontics in my office now for over 15 years. And sometimes I do the full metal braces and other times I do the clear aligners and we’ve begun offering ClearCorrect. I’ve been doing this now for about ten years. ClearCorrect is similar to other aligners systems where it’s clear it moves the teeth and you’re not having to have the metal braces on your teeth. And what is really good for is number one you don’t have the metal cutting your lips and your cheeks and all that. Number two it’s more aesthetic. Number three it’s really good for minor tooth movement. There’s still plenty of issues and times that we need the full metal braces to move the teeth where we need them. But ClearCorrect is really great for someone who’s a working mom, a student or someone who just doesn’t want the metal in their mouth and/or they don’t require that much tooth movement. So that’s why we like clear correct. It gives us a lot of options to help our patients.”

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