How To Clean Dentures Properly

Whether you’re a new or existing dentures patient, it’s important to understand how to clean your dentures properly. Keeping them clean is essential to their success and performance! Even top of the line dentures can eventually develop problems if they aren’t adequately cared for, which is more than simple removal and storage. In this video, Dr. Barker explains how to best care for your dentures. Watch and learn below! So, how do you take care of your dentures? For starters, never let your dentures dry out. Dried-out dentures allow food particles and bacteria to stick to their surface, and they can also warp over time. If warping occurs, then your dentures will not fit properly. Always keep your dentures in some type of liquid material or medium (like water or cleaning solution) or simply in your mouth. According to Dr. Barker, these are the only professionally-recommended methods of storage for your dentures. Next, Dr. Barker recommends a denture brush. This dual-headed brush can be purchased at practically every supermarket or drug store (or from your local dentist) and allows you to debride your dentures of all food particles and bacteria, adequately removing them from your dentures. Thirdly, we recommend that you use Dawn brand dishwashing detergent. Why? We actually suggest this as an alternative to toothpaste for cleaning your dentures. Toothpaste contains abrasive microparticles that can scratch your dentures, which also allows them to collect food particles and bacteria. This can lead to a horrible odor on your dentures over time. Finally, soak your dentures nightly in an denture-specific cleaning solution. Please be advised that most tabs purchased at a supermarket or local pharmacy usually last about one night. Other cleaners, however, can last up to an entire week. Either way, Dr. Barker’s ultimate recommendation is that you soak them overnight, regardless of which cleaner you choose. It is not recommended that you sleep in your dentures. Why? Think about socks. You wear them all day long, and they compress the tissue on your leg. Like socks, dentures compress your gums and bone. Compression on your gums and bone can lead to rapid bone and gum tissue loss. Therefore, your dentures aren’t going to fit properly, and you may even need new dentures. Sleeping in your dentures never allows your gums the opportunity to rest and rebound, which breaks down the connective tissue holding up your dentures in the first place. If you’re looking for a new family dentist in Searcy, Arkansas, or have questions about caring for your dentures, check out our website and schedule an appointment today!
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