January 2019 Dental Devotion

Dentist Joseph Barker Well, 2019 is here. In our office, we have several patients that put off doing treatment until after the holidays. They say, “Can this wait until after Christmas?” And if possible, we will say, “Absolutely.” We always have many people come to our office right after January 1st. It has been this way in my practice for 22.5 years. I am guilty of also putting off stuff because I’m busy or I’m tired. We are all busy during December. When January comes, I start checking stuff off my TO DO LIST. Mine always starts with my New Year’s Resolutions. My highest and most important resolution is to seek the Lord more. I want to grow closer to Him, to be sensitive to His Spirit, and to be obedient to His Spirit. I want the Lord to be in control of my life in 2019 and forever. Even Jesus said in the Garden as He prayed to His Father, (Matt. 26:39) “…nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” Jesus sought the will of the good Lord. As I go through 2019, I want to seek and follow Him. I hope and pray that you will seek the will of the Father in this new year. I have also tried to do things on my own and have always failed miserably. Please don’t do as I have done. Please seek Him; He is waiting for you and He wants a relationship with you. He came to Earth and died for your sins and mine. Romans 5:8 KJV says, “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” He gave Himself as a ransom, a payment for our sins. He did it because He loves us. John 3:16 states how much He loved us and He wants us to have eternal life with and through Him. Let Jesus be the light of your life in 2019. Will you seek Him this year?
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