Learn About Our Dental Healthcare Club & Save Big!

If you’re without dental insurance right now or if you’ve ever questioned the value you or your family get from spending money on insurance premiums every month, we’d like to introduce you to Searcy’s only Dental Healthcare Club, exclusively found here at Searcy Family Dental.

Searcy Family Dental offers our Dental Healthcare Club as a very simple way for you and your family to save 15% off all dental care. Plus, for a minimal, flat-rate amount each month, save over $500 annually per person on routine dental exams (and free emergency exams), dental cleanings, and much more.

For a single person, it’s just $24.97 per month. And, once you join, you’ll save a flat 15% offat every visit.

In addition, you’ll receive 1 routine dental visit every 6 months along with a cleaning (fluoride included) at each recall appointment.

Aside from incredible savings, you’ll enjoy:

  • No waiting periods
  • No deductibles (those can amount to nearly your full benefit annually with traditional dental insurance)
  • No maximum savings amount (traditional insurance “maxes out” and your benefits are generally capped every year between $1000 and $1500)
  • No exclusions; your 15% savings is applicable to cosmetic dentistry, implants, endodontics, and more
  • You can sign up today, even over the phone

Taking advantage of our Dental Healthcare Club is easy! To enroll, simply:

  • Call Searcy Family Dental at (501) 254-6153 and request an enrollment form
  • Complete the form, along with your payment or credit card authorization, and mail to us

Call Searcy Family Dental today with questions or to schedule an appointment for the whole family by clicking HERE!

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