What You Can Expect From Your First Visit

At Searcy Family Dental, our mission is to provide safe and healthy dental care for the whole family. We put an emphasis on ethics, relationships, excellence, safety and responsibility. We want to make you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door. Here is what to expect when you schedule your first visit as a new patient. If you wish to fill out your paperwork beforehand, we have the option of filling those out on our website!


1. First way someone usually comes to our office is with a toothache or a dental problem broken tooth, toothache, swelling… Something like that. We see them on a limited basis. We bring the patients in and they fill out the paperwork. We do complimentary insurance benefits check if they have that just to let them know what their benefits are and then we get them to the back and to solve that immediate problem.

2. The second way someone would come is to get their teeth cleaned. They may come in through a hygiene department or through us get their teeth cleaned and we do an exam and x rays. And so the other parts usually stay the same. The insurance and all those things – paperwork that’s all done no matter how someone comes to our office.


3. And a third visit works like this. Someone comes in and they just want to see me only. And they want to complete treatment plan based on whatever their needs are. And we do that we take the necessary X-rays, we take whatever measurements we need and we just collect all that data that day and we sit down and go over with our patients for very thorough treatment plan and then we’ll start addressing problems and getting their mouth back healthy.

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