Oral Health & Systemic Disease: What Does It Mean?

Let’s imagine that you’ve delayed those dental cleanings and oral health examinations for months or even years. Not keeping a check on the condition of your teeth and gums only affects the health of your mouth, right? Actually, that’s not true.

Your overall oral health is actually considered a key factor in what is referred to as systemic disease, which is a disease that may appear to affect just one part of the body but actually affects the entire body as a whole. A systemic disease may begin as an isolated issue, but it can quickly spread to other organs or systems throughout the body. This is something that is particularly worrisome for diabetics or heart patients. In our latest video, Dr. Barker discusses how your oral health correlates with systemic disease and why you should take special care of your teeth and gums, especially if you’re considered to be at risk.

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion in the media about systemic disease and how it relates to overall oral health. We do get lots of questions from patients on this topic, and it is important to note that the latest research does show a directly correlation between oral health, heart disease, and diabetes. As a result, your overall health may be impacted.

Some diabetic patients have experienced relief of their symptoms with good oral care. We have found that several of our own patients who received gum care (or in some cases, had unhealthy teeth extracted) had their blood sugars stabilize. Under the care of their physician, their blood sugar levels decreased to a comfortable, healthy level once again following their treatment. Ultimately, they no longer experienced regular spikes in their blood sugar levels and their overall health improved. Heart patients should also make sure that they keep a watch on their overall oral health and receive regular dental exams and cleanings. If your oral health is left unchecked, you are putting yourself at a greater risk of serious disease that can lead to system failure.

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