Stop Teeth Grinding by Lowering Stress

Christmas is over and a new year is right around the corner. The holidays can be a stressful season and if you’re noticing a few physical effects from stress like teeth grinding, you will want to make some changes. Grinding at night may not seem like a big deal, but teeth grinding can lead to facial pain, headaches and even damage your teeth. So if you’re wanting to reduce stress from grinding your beautiful smile, here are some ways to incorporate more peace.


Book Your Appointment. Don’t let fear stand in the way of achieving a better smile. We are there to take away all anxiety and make you feel comfortable. Instead of avoiding or letting your grinding get worse, remember to book your appointment instead. We will take care of the rest.

Read Your Bible. There is nothing more calming to the mind than reading a passage from the Word. Incorporating more time to do so will help you notice a difference very quickly. Find a time that works best for you to remember — perhaps it’s in morning when you have your first cup of coffee to start your day off right.

Exercise. Even if it’s just to walk more steps or stand at your desk some throughout the day instead of crouching over — release those endorphins that help to improve your mood and act as natural painkillers.

Laugh. Take time to talk with your co-worker and strike up a conversation. Exchange a joke and laugh off the small stuff. There’s nothing more contagious than a great laugh and a joyful attitude.

Light a Candle. Light your favorite smelling candle and unwind. Writing out the negativity can also help take your mind off of everything.

Family Time. More face time, less screen time. Ensuring that you are spending quality time with your loved ones will help put things in perspective.

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