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  • Benefit from advanced technology like 3-D imaging
  • Receive laughing gas to soothe your nerves
  • Open as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m.

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Resolve Dental Problems With Oral Surgery in Searcy

If you need oral surgery in Searcy, you’ll want to get it from an experienced dentist. Dr. Joseph Barker has performed countless surgeries in his 20-plus years of practicing dentistry. His skill is only one reason you shouldn’t be nervous about your oral surgery procedure. Our team will ensure your experience goes well with:
  • Technology like 3-D imaging, which helps us plan and perform oral surgery procedures
  • Effective local anesthesia so you won’t feel any discomfort
  • Laughing gas if you’re nervous about your procedure
  • Procedures like bone grafts to prepare you for successful placement of dental implants
If you think you may need an oral surgery procedure, call Searcy Family Dental at 501-203-0120.

We Remove Teeth & Make It Easy to Replace Them

There are many reasons you may require a tooth extraction, from dealing with damage that is too extensive to fix to making room for dentures. No matter the reason, we’ll use technology like digital X-rays and 3-D imaging to identify any possible complications before your extraction. We’ll make you comfortable with local anesthesia and give you the option of laughing gas. Dr. Barker performs most extractions, including wisdom teeth removal, although he refers complex cases to a specialist. We strongly recommend replacing teeth; not doing so can result in increased risk of gum disease and other problems. We offer many options, both with and without dental implants.

Prepare for Implants With Oral Surgery Procedures

If you are getting dental implants, we may recommend an oral surgery procedure to ensure your placement will be successful. You may need:
  • A Bone Graft – This procedure adds bone mass to your jaw so it will better support implants.
  • A Ridge Augmentation – This also strengthens your jaw but is a more extensive restoration than a general bone graft.
For oral surgery in Searcy, call us at 501-203-0120. Our office is located near the Stevens Soccer Complex at Harding University. In addition to Searcy, we welcome patients from Brinkley, Des Arc, McCrory, Batesville, and other nearby areas.
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